Professional Auto Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement Mississauga

The windshield of your automobile adds aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. It also functions to protect you. Hence, it is imperative any problem with the windshield should be addressed immediately and that too by an expert. Advantage Auto Glass is the best in its class for auto glass repair & windshield replacement service in Mississauga. We do everything from fixing your vehicle’s glass to replacing broken or damaged glass and windshields.

Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement Mississauga

Windshield Repair & Replacement in MississaugaWhether your windshield or auto glass requires a quick fix or a complete replacement will depend on the extent of damage done to it. Our experts at Advantage Auto Glass right here in Mississauga deliver premium quality chip repair services. No matter what model or make you drive, our work represents a smooth seamless finish for all automobile brands.


Always repair your windshield if it’s simply cracked or chipped, because you don’t want to have it affecting your vision while driving. Vehicle insurance that has comprehensive glass coverage will naturally have all the costs and expenses covered for your windshield repair/ replacement. This will include the car or truck’s windshield, sunroof and windows.

100% Lifetime Warranty

Our windshield replacement Mississauga team uses only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standard glass for all the replacement needs. We also use adhesives that adhere to the CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) standards.

At Advantage Auto Glass, Mississauga we offer workmanship warranties and guarantees on all our auto glass replacements and repairs. Air or water leakages and stress cracks resulting from installation will fall within our lifetime warranty.

Our guarantee aims at providing 100% satisfaction. So if you aren’t thoroughly satisfied with our services, we will replace and repair your auto glass without extra charges and inconveniences.

FREE Mobile Auto Glass Repair Mississauga

When you require our assistance for any of your automotive struggles, we are just a call away. To bring you more convenience Advantage Auto Glass at Mississauga also offers mobile auto glass repair services where we come to your home or office.

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