Windshield replacement comes with two options, OEM and Aftermarket. These options often confuse people, and this confusion often leads them to taking incorrect decisions.

So, what’s the correct decision here? Of course, it has to be an OEM windshield. Why? This blog further answers this question subtly.

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What is an OEM windshield?

Firstly, let’s discuss what does an OEM windshield means? OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) is a type of glass that is manufactured by the same manufacturer who manufactured the original glass of your windshield. It comes with a special automaker branding, which gives you a concrete sign of recognizing an OEM glass.

Benefits of OEM windshield

So, what are the benefits of OEM windshield type? Why is it highly recommended when compared to Aftermarket glass? Checkout the answers below.

1) Meeting the safety standards: You simply cannot compromise with the quality of the windshield as with windshield, it’s all about your safety. The OEM windshield is designed exactly according to the security standards, which ultimately ensures that with an OEM windshield, your drive is completely safe.

Hence, if you really want to ensure a safe drive for yourself, an OEM windshield is your definite answer.

2) Maintaining the car’s value: This is another concrete reason that you must go with an OEM windshield. OEM windshield ensures the structural integrity of your car, which ultimately maintains your car’s value.

Remember, the OEM windshield not only replicate the looks but is also identical in terms of functionality when compared to the original windshield. Hence, with an OEM windshield, your car’s value is bound to stay the same.

3) Functionality remains uncompromised: As mentioned, the OEM windshield is identical to the original windshield in terms of both, looks and functionality. Hence, with an OEM windshield, you aren’t required to worry about the compromise with the functionality at all.

With Aftermarket windshield, the size and shape of the windshield are quite different as compared to OEM, which implies that there will always be a threat of compromise in functionality.

4) Avoiding post-installation worries: Aftermarket windshields are believed to give several post-installation issues. These issues often compromise your safety as a driver, which signifies the fact that you should avoid going with the aftermarket windshield at all.

OEM windshield not only keeps the post-installation issues away but also comes with several advanced features like acoustic glass, which again gives you a concrete reason to go with it.

Hence, if you really desire to keep the windshield post-installation issues away (which you definitely want), going with an OEM windshield is your best bet.

OEM windshield comes with some of the most obvious and extremely crucial benefits that signify the importance of this windshield type. If you really desire to maintain your safety while you drive and keep all sorts of pre-installation issues away, an OEM windshield has to be your definite answer.

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