Windshield Repair Toronto – Windshield Crack/Chip Repair North York/GTA

Windshield Repair Toronto - Windshield Chip/Crack Repair North York, GTA

Windshield Chip Repair is best done sooner to avoid Windshield Cracks!

Timely repairs of minor chips in the windshield are very important for ensuring safety while driving. A chip, if left unrepaired, is extremely likely to crack and cause unsafe driving conditions besides adding to repair expenditure. Even if a chip is not conspicuous and looks harmless, it ought to be repaired immediately to prevent any further damage.

Advantage Auto Glass is your go-to Windshield Chip Repair Toronto shop for stone chip repairs or windshield cracks for your vehicle. Fewer Windshield Repair Toronto companies can meet or beat our standards. We hire trained technicians at our windshield repair shop. We pay attention to every small detail so that any chip or crack is repaired once and for all.

Windshield Crack / Chip Repair Process

Our windshield repair Toronto professionals will fill out the crack using windshield resin and heat it until it hardens. This process will restore the integrity of your windshield and make it stronger, which will last you a long time. It will also keep it from getting chipped or cracked again in the future.

Windshield Chip Repair can be FREE!

FREE Windshield Chip Repair TorontoSince insurance companies have to incur higher costs on windshield replacements, most insurance companies with comprehensive coverage offer FREE CHIP REPAIR! Also, your insurance premiums will not increase after a chip repair job on your car.

Why us?

WHY Advantage Auto Glass Toronto?

  • 15+ years in service

  • We use best quality glass & adhesives

  • We handle your insurance claims for free

  • 100% Lifetime warranty

  • Same day service

  • FREE mobile auto glass repair services
Windshield repair Toronto, North York & GTA

Stone Chip Repair is Quick and Easy

Unlike glass replacements that take a while to be performed effectively, stone chip repairs in automobile glasses are a fairly quick process. In most cases, you can expect to take back the repaired vehicle in a few hours or the same day. Therefore, it makes sense to immediately take your car to Advantage Auto Glass Repair in Toronto, the moment you detect a chip in your windshield before it changes into a bigger crack and creates unsafe driving conditions.

We Understand a Wide Variety of Glasses

Automobiles come installed with a variety of glasses, each of them requiring a tailor-made process for repairs and re-installations. We, at Advantage Auto Glass Toronto, specialize in recognizing these requirements and working accordingly to give your vehicle just the treatment it needs. Irrespective of your car’s age, model, category or manufacturer, you can confidently get it to our auto shop and be assured of a perfectly executed chip repair job.

We Replace Windshields on ALL Car Makes & Models.


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We serve the entire Greater Toronto Area including  Toronto, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Maple, Caledon, Scarborough, North York, East York, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Mississauga, Bolton, Brampton, and New Market.

If you need auto glass repair in Toronto/GTA, please email us for a quote or call us at 416.740.7779.

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