A windshield is meant to protect those behind it. Cracking, chipping and breaking of windshields can reverse this purpose to actually cause damage. So that’s why windshields are made of two layers of glass, sandwiching a layer of PVB, a type of flexible plastic that holds the fragments of glass together in case it fractures. Collision or impact with small objects, like stones and gravel, can damage windshield. Thankfully, with Advantage Auto Glass, windshield repair and windshield replacement on Honda cars has never been a hassle.

At Advantage Auto Glass, we have the expertise, experience and right tools and equipment to perform chip repair and windshield replacement for all Honda models, including:

  • Civic Coupe and Sedan
  • Civic Hybrid
  • Accord Sedan
  • CR-Z
  • CR-V / HR-V
  • Odyssey
  • Pilot

It is necessary to replace the broken windshield, and small cracks and chips should be given equal attention, not ignored.

Honda Windshield Replacement Toronto


When you notice any crack or chip in your vehicle’s front or rear windshield, it’s essential to determine the cause of it and inform your insurance company about the damage. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, it means that your insurance company will bear the auto glass repair or replacement expenses. Depending on your deductible & cost to repair your auto glass damage, you can take a call whether to claim insurance or not. Some insurance providers offer free chip repairs.

Windshield Chips and Cracks

Tiny little faults in the windshield glass can be hazardous to the driver as they may cause a glare and distract them. The chip or crack could even spread if left the way it is. New technology allows repairs of these little faults and chips. Trained and skilled technicians from Advantage Auto Glass work to fix the damage and charge based on the severity of the damage or the size of it. Get a FREE Quote for Honda auto glass repair.

Auto Glass Replacements

A replacement will depend on the extent of the auto glass damage. If it’s beyond repair, it will have to be replaced. The costs of replacement will be determined by the vehicle model. So it goes without saying the cost of replacing a Honda Accord’s windshield will be different from that of Honda Civic. Even the brand of the glass and type of glass you select will have bearing on the cost.

Warranty and Guarantee

When looking for Honda windshield repair or replacements, make sure the workshop can guarantee the workmanship and expertise of the technicians and also offer manufacturer’s warranty for defects. At Advantage Auto Glass, we are proud to stand by our workmanship and expertise and offer lifetime warranty for repairs and against manufacturing and installation defects. We take due care of installing the windshield, as improper installation can increase risk of serious injuries due to the glass popping out.

Same Day Service

We offer same day service for Honda windshield repair or replacements. We also offer mobile auto glass repair Toronto service which means our certified installers will reach the place appointed by you for the repair work.

Get a FREE Quote for Honda auto glass repair anywhere in Greater Toronto area.

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