Things you must do when your windshield is damaged

Windshield damage is a major compromise to your safety. Hence, you must be quick in terms of taking action. Be it windshield repair or replacement, you absolutely cannot delay your actions at all. However, before you get your windshield repaired

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Top reasons why windshield repair fails

Windshield repair is definitely a cost-effective solution as compared to windshield replacement. However, there are several instances when windshield repair simply doesn’t work. Windshield replacement is the only way here. So, what are the instances when windshield repair fails? You

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Different types of windshield cracks

Windshield cracks are the common issues that most car owners face with their cars. Of course, this issue is common, but quite dangerous if the timely repair isn’t considered. You must know that there are various types of windshield cracks.

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Things to consider when choosing an auto glass repair company

Auto glass repair is a critical thing. It’s all about restoring your safety. Hence, selecting the top-rated auto glass repairing company becomes important for you here. It would ensure that your auto glass is fixed efficiently and without any flaws.

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How do you prevent cracks on your windshield from spreading?

A crack on the windshield can really make things difficult for you. Both, in terms of driving and maintaining your safety. You need to be quick in terms of getting your crack repaired so that the extent of the crack

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Top reasons to go with OEM windshield

Windshield replacement comes with two options, OEM and Aftermarket. These options often confuse people, and this confusion often leads them to taking incorrect decisions. So, what’s the correct decision here? Of course, it has to be an OEM windshield. Why?

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Everything you need to know about car window tinting

Car windows tinting comes with numerous benefits alongside it. No, it’s not only about style. It’s about your safe driving and skin protection too. However, there are numerous things other than benefits that you must know about car tinting before

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Top new advancements in the windshield technology

Technology has really made life easy for us. It has acquired a majority of fields, and the automobile is one of them. Let’s discuss car windshields here. There are various technological advancements in windshield technology, which ensures a better and

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Windshield repair or replacement: What’s your answer?

A car’s windshield ensures a safe drive for you, which makes it important for you to get it fixed when it gets cracked or damaged. Any delay with getting the windshield fixed would only increase the chances of mishaps. But,

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Windshield pitting: Causes & how to deal with it?

Windshield pitting is another common issue with the windshield that troubles numerous car owners. Yes, windshield pitting might not be as dangerous as a damaged windshield is, but it can gradually get dangerous with passing time. This is why our

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Lifetime Warranty on Auto Glass Repair Toronto

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