Windshield pitting: Causes & how to deal with it?

Windshield pitting is another common issue with the windshield that troubles numerous car owners. Yes, windshield pitting might not be as dangerous as a damaged windshield is, but it can gradually get dangerous with passing time. This is why our

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What are the different types of glasses used on windshield?

When it comes to cars, safety is always the biggest concern. Not only from accidents but protection against debris and dust particles is also a big concern for the car owners. However, the car’s windshield always provides protection against these

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5 tips to prepare your car’s windshield for winters

Winters are here! As much as you need to prepare yourself for the winters, you need to ensure that your car’s windshield also stays prepared for it. But, figuring out the ways to do it is quite difficult. Our mobile

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Why Do People Prefer Mobile Windshield Repair in Toronto?

A small crack in the car’s windshield can disrupt your entire routine. You cannot simply drive your car with a damaged windshield, as it compromises your safety, and at the same time, you cannot miss out on those important meetings.

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How long can you drive your car with a damaged windshield?

No matter what the circumstances are, leaving a chipped windshield as it is and driving the car is absolutely dangerous. A chipped windshield not only can shatter anytime and injure you, but also create a hindrance to your visibility. Our

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How to protect car’s windshield in heatwave?

As much heatwave has made things difficult for you, things are worse for your car’s windshield. It requires special attention from your side when it comes to taking care of your car’s windshield from this scorching heat. If you fail

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5 things you need to know about Auto Glass Repair Solutions

As a car owner, you must have some information about auto glass repair solutions. Knowing the reasons that caused your auto glass to get damaged, and the solutions to the same is important. However, most car-owners neglect the issue, which

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How to prevent scratches on your car windshield?

A scratch on your car windshield is frustrating and equally dangerous. A scratch on the car windshield not only hinders the driver’s vision but also puts your along with other lives in danger. Once your windshield gets scratches, it becomes

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Windshield Replacement Aftercare

Windshield replacement is generally preferred if the chip/crack is not repairable. Windshield replacement can be done in 60 minutes or less time duration. After that, it depends on how quickly the adhesives dry up. Here are few things to keep

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Professional Kia Windshield Repair & Replacement Services in Toronto/GTA

The windshield of your car not just adds to the beauty of your drive, but it is, more importantly, the protection for you and your loved ones behind the wheel. For instance, when you are driving on a rough terrain

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Lifetime Warranty on Auto Glass Repair Toronto

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