Winters are here! As much as you need to prepare yourself for the winters, you need to ensure that your car’s windshield also stays prepared for it. But, figuring out the ways to do it is quite difficult. Our mobile windshield repair Mississauga team makes it a bit easy in this blog.

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Thus, if you are scratching your heads on the fact that how will you save your car’s windshield in chilly winters, this blog is all set to help you out considerably.

How do you prepare your car’s windshield for winter? 

So, how do you prepare your car’s windshield for harsh chilly winter? Check out the answers below.

1) Get the windshield checked before winter: It’s always wise to get the windshield checked before the winter arrives.

Getting the windshield checked before the winter will enable you to recognize and sort out all the issues before their extent increases in the winter.

As they say, “Prevention is always better than cure!”. Thus, our windshield replacement Mississauga team highly recommends getting the windshield checked before the winter arrives.

2) Keep your car’s windshield clean: Ice and fog during the chilly winters make your car’s windshield dirty, which is definitely not a good sign for the windshield’s health.

Ensure that you clean your car’s windshield at least once a week. Use warm water to clean your car’s windshield. Also, avoid using hard towels, go with microfiber towels instead.

Keeping your windshield clean won’t allow the dust particles to damage your car’s windshield at all.

3) Keep temperature regulated: Sudden temperature change is one of the most common reasons for the windshield getting damaged. Thus, you must avoid sudden temperature changes entirely.

The places that are extremely cold might bend the glass, and thus cause it to get shattered. It’s wise to use a protective layer on the car’s windshield to ensure that sudden temperature change doesn’t damage it.

4) Keep the moisture level low: When moist air inside your car meets the cold air outside the car, it causes fog on your car’s windshield, which might hinder your visibility.

Thus, it’s better to have a moisture level low inside your car. Remember, your wet gloves, sweater, etc. can increase moisture inside your car. Thus, consider removing your wet coats or gloves from the car to keep moisture in your car under control.

5) Use defroster efficiently: In winter, you need to ensure that the air doesn’t get sprayed over the entire windshield. Here’s where the defroster comes into the picture.

To ensure that the air doesn’t get sprayed over the entire windshield, turn on the defroster at the highest setting. Also, try to use the fresh air from the environment rather than allowing the defroster to collect moist air from within the car itself.

Again, you need to see that ice doesn’t cover your car as it won’t allow the fresh air to pass.

As much as winter is tough for us, it is also tough for our car’s windshield. And with the importance that a car’s windshield comes alongside it, you cannot simply leave your car’s windshield unprepared for the winters.

The above tips will definitely help you to get a clear idea about the steps you need to prepare your car’s windshield for winters and ensure that a heavy snowfall doesn’t mean heavy windshield repair or replacement expenses for you.

Rest, if you desire to confirm that if your car’s windshield is all set to withstand the chilly weather of winter, you can count on our windshield repair Mississauga experts to do that.

Our team will carefully check your windshield, recognize the issues, if any and rectify them. To connect with our team, call us at (416) 740-7779.

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