Windshield repair or replacement: What’s your answer?

A car’s windshield ensures a safe drive for you, which makes it important for you to get it fixed when it gets cracked or damaged. Any delay with getting the windshield fixed would only increase the chances of mishaps.

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But, several times windshield repair simply doesn’t work. Windshield replacement is your only solution. As a car owner, you must have an idea about the instances when you would require windshield replacement. This blog by our windshield replacement Toronto team explains these instances.

Will windshield repair work?

So, is windshield repair your solution? Checkout the answers below.

1) If the size of the crack is small: This is undoubtedly the most important factor in deciding if your windshield requires repair or replacement.

According to the thumb rule, if the diameter of the windshield crack is less than one inch, it can be repaired. Cracks that are bigger than the size of a loonie are a bit difficult to be fixed, and most probably windshield replacement would come into the picture.

This is the reason that you must get your windshield fixed as soon as you notice a crack on it, as the size of the crack would expand with time and might lead you to the windshield replacement.

2) If the damage doesn’t impact the sensor view: If the windshield crack hinders the automated sensor view, the windshield crack would require replacement.

Most probably, if the crack is on the outer edge of the windshield, it would hinder the view of the automated sensor, which would make it difficult to fix that crack.

3) If the damage doesn’t hinder the driver’s visibility: When the crack hinders the driver’s visibility, no matter how small it is, windshield replacement is the only recommended solution.

Yes, windshield repair might still be possible, but it would be quite an unsafe option to go with.

Do you require windshield replacement?

As mentioned, oftentimes the windshield repair doesn’t simply work, and you have to go with the windshield replacement. What are these instances? Check them out below.

1) The number of cracks: The thumb rule says that when your windshield is damaged in more than three areas, the repair would be a bit difficult and windshield replacement will come into the picture.

2) The size of the windshield crack: This is easily the most important factor deciding the fact that your car’s windshield requires repair or replacement. If the size of the windshield crack is bigger than the size of a loonie, you will require windshield replacement.

The first thing that the professionals do is check the windshield crack size when you visit them to get your windshield crack fixed.

3) When there is a hole: If you notice a tiny hole in the car’s windshield, windshield replacement is your only solution.

The hole severely compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle, which plays with your safety while you drive your car.

4) When the repair simply didn’t work: Even after the windshield repair, there are chances that the driver’s vision is still compromised. In this case, the only solution is the windshield replacement.

Hence, if the windshield repair simply didn’t work well for you and the car’s windshield, the windshield replacement is your only answer.

Next time you notice damage to the car’s windshield, you will easily be able to figure out if your car’s windshield requires a repair or replacement. No matter how small the damage is, our windshield replacement Toronto teams highly recommend that you get it fixed on an immediate basis.

If your windshield requires professional attention, you can count on our high-rated windshield repair Toronto experts to do the job right for you. Our experts ensure that your windshield gets the quick and the most efficient services. To reach out to our team, connect with us at (416) 740-7779.