Windshield cracks are the common issues that most car owners face with their cars. Of course, this issue is common, but quite dangerous if the timely repair isn’t considered.

You must know that there are various types of windshield cracks. It’s better to have some idea about these cracks to help yourself out in terms of making an informed decision and taking care of your car.

This blog further lists different types of windshield cracks that you must know about. Keep reading.

Different types of windshield cracks - windshield repair Toronto

Various types of windshield cracks & Chips

Check out various types of windshield cracks troubling your car’s windshield and putting your drive at risk below.

1) Half-moon crack: A half-moon crack unlike a bull’s eye isn’t spherical. This crack type usually comes into the picture when any sharp object hits the car windshield.

This crack type is usually easy to repair. However, it’s essential that you get it repaired in no time. Hence, if you notice a semi-circular crack on your car’s windshield, recognize the same as a half-moon crack. Just don’t panic, visit professionals and get the crack fixed without wasting much time.

2) Floating crack: The extent of damage with this crack depends on the locality of the same. If it blocks the line of sight of the driver, it is extremely dangerous. The floating crack usually acquires the space away from the edge.

The expert might go through the extent and position of the crack before deciding if windshield repair would work, or if replacement is a solution.

3) Star crack: As the name implies, star crack comes in a star shape. The lines of this crack extend in various directions on your windshield. The crack type can be classified as dangerous.

If not fixed on an immediate basis, star crack weakens your windshield’s structural integrity and hence, increases the chances of unfortunate causes.

Mostly, the damage due to the debris is a primary reason for the star crack. If notice this crack on your windshield, ensure that you get it fixed on an immediate basis.

4) Long cracks: This is the most dangerous windshield crack type. If the crack size is more than 15 cm, it is classified as a long crack. In most cases, long cracks are impossible to repair, and the windshield requires replacement.

Sudden temperature changes or sudden exerted pressure are the most probable reason for long cracks on your windshield.

5) Stress cracks: The age of the vehicle is a major culprit when it comes to stress cracks. When you use your car for a prolonged timeframe, the windshield gets weakened over time, and hence it starts getting cracked.

The solution? Unfortunately, in the case of stress crack, windshield replacement is your only solution. Also, make sure that you do it on an immediate basis, as delay might cause your windshield to get shattered.

6) Bull’s eye crack: A bull’s eye crack is characterized by a circular break with a cone in the outer layer of the glass.Typically caused by a round object striking the windshield, this type of crack can vary in size. Prompt repair is crucial to prevent further spreading and ensure driver safety.

7) Surface pit crack: Surface pit cracks are small, shallow depressions on the windshield caused by gravel, sand, or other debris hitting the glass surface. While they may seem minor, neglecting surface pit cracks can lead to larger cracks over time if left untreated.

8) Windshield chip: A windshield chip occurs when a small piece of the glass is missing due to impact from debris or other objects. Though often small, chips can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield and should be addressed promptly to prevent expansion into larger cracks.

9) Stone break: Stone breaks are similar to windshield chips but typically involve larger pieces of glass being dislodged. These breaks are commonly caused by impacts from stones or rocks kicked up by passing vehicles.
Immediate repair is essential to prevent further damage and ensure safe driving conditions.

10) Combination break: Combination breaks are complex cracks that exhibit characteristics of multiple crack types, such as bull’s eye patterns intersecting with radial cracks. Due to their intricate nature, these cracks often require specialized repair techniques to restore the windshield’s integrity effectively.

11) Edge crack: Edge cracks occur near the perimeter of the windshield and can extend inward from the edge. These cracks are often caused by stress or pressure on the glass, such as during improper installation or significant temperature changes.

Prompt attention is necessary to prevent the crack from spreading further into the windshield.

No matter what crack type it is, if you notice it on your car’s windshield, you must take quick action and ensure that your safety is restored in no time.

A windshield is all about your safety, and you by no means can compromise with the same. If your windshield requires professional attention, do reach out to our windshield repair Toronto team to get the job done right.

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