Technology has really made life easy for us. It has acquired a majority of fields, and the automobile is one of them.

windshield technology

Let’s discuss car windshields here. There are various technological advancements in windshield technology, which ensures a better and safe ride for you. As much as the technology advances with windshields, your safety keeps on getting better. Our windshield replacement Toronto team explains these advancements briefly in this blog.

What are the major advancements in windshield technology?

Checkout some of the most important advancements in windshield technology below.

1) Gorilla glass windshield: A gorilla glass windshield is one of the best and the most reliable ways to strengthen your protection and ensure that your drive is safe.

Gorilla glass ensures that your windshield is entirely safe from dust particles, debris, gravels, etc. It also subsides the CO2 emission to a considerable extent. Hence, if you are looking for something that can give a clear display along with ensuring that your drive is entirely safe, Gorilla glass is your definite answer.

2) Incorporating rain sensors in the windshield: Rain sensors are another valuable addition to your car’s windshield, specifically, in the rainy season. The sensors turn on the wipers of your car automatically whenever there is rainfall.

Hence, your driving won’t be distracted at all, which would ensure a safe drive for you. Rain sensors definitely ensure a safe ride for you, which makes it a valuable and a must-have addition for you & your car.

3) Wiper-free windshield advancement: Wiper-free windshield isn’t a myth anymore. It’s all set to acquire the market. With this technology, you won’t require wipers to remove the snow and frost from the car.

It would actually make it easy for you to help your car get rid of the snow and frost and hence ensure that you are able to bring your driving back on track quickly. Hence, if removing the snow and frost by using the car’s wipers always has been your headache, wiper-free windshield advancement is your definite answer.

4) IR windshield glass advancement: IR windshield glass is another major advancement in windshield technology. This purple-coloured glass filters out the infrared waves of the sun and hence offers you a clear vision while you drive.

IR windshield glass advancement also keeps your car cooler which increases your comfort. It is a major benefit, specifically in the summers.

5) Smart car glass: This technology allows you to control the amount of light entering your car just by using a single button. Smart car glass technology ensures that you get the perfect sunlight when the safe driving aspect is taken into the consideration.

It not only safeguards your drive but also saves considerable energy. Hence, if excessive sunlight has always been a problem for your driving, smart car glass might just resolve it.

These are some of the major advancements that can make your driving safe considerably. Our windshield replacement Toronto highly recommends that you do your own research before you select one windshield advancement technology. It’s necessary to stay clear with your own requirements and preferences before you select one windshield technology for your car.

If you have selected a windshield technology, and if you are looking to get it installed, you can count on the experienced windshield repair Toronto team of Advantage Auto Glass. Our high-rated team ensures that you get quick and extremely efficient windshield services. The experience of our team makes us the favourites of several car owners in Toronto. To connect with our high-rated team, reach out to us at (416) 740-7779.


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