A scratch on your car windshield is frustrating and equally dangerous. A scratch on the car windshield not only hinders the driver’s vision but also puts your along with other lives in danger. Once your windshield gets scratches, it becomes important to either repair or replace it before things could get worse. If your windshield requires attention, do reach out to the Advantage Auto Glass Repair Toronto team now.

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This blog explains to you some tips to prevent scratches on your car windshield.

Top ways to prevent car windshield scratches

We list the top ways to prevent car windshield scratches below. Have a read:

1) Regularly Replace Windshield Wipers: Not replacing the windshield wiper might be a big mistake. Not replacing your windshield wiper exposes the inner metal which causes scratch marks on the windshield. Using a worn windshield also hinders your visibility which puts your life in danger. Thus, replacing the windshield once a year is always recommended.

2) Keep the Windshield Clean: Always keep your car’s windshield clean. Remember, external debris and dust particles are the primary reasons for scratches and cracks on your windshield. Thus, always keep it clean. Use a microfiber cloth and be gentle while cleaning the windshield. Also, try to use soap water and avoid using any toxic chemicals at all.

3) Avoid Using Wipers on Dry Windshield: Dry surface always invites scratches and cracks. Obviously, you may want to use wipers on a dry windshield. But always use wiper fluid first before using the same on a windshield. Using a wiper fluid will prevent scratches at all.

4) Don’t Use Wipers to remove ice/snow: Using the wipers to get the ice/snow clear is not advised at all. Using the wipers to clear the ice increases the chances of the wiper getting scratched which we don’t want at all. Always use an ice scraper & car heating system to melt the ice.

5) Always Stay Attentive to Small Scratches: Remember, it only takes a day or two for a minor scratch to get transformed into a major scratch or sometimes even a crack. Thus, as soon as you notice a scratch, no matter how minor it is, be quick to visit our Windshield Repair Toronto shop and get it fixed. It will save a lot of your expenses and even assure your safety.

6) Always Keep Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir Full: Keeping your windshield reservoir full is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that no scratches on your car windshield. If there is no fluid, the chances of scratches increase marginally. Make checking the fluid level once a month a habit.

7) Avoid Car Parking in Sunlight: Try to park your car in the shade whenever & wherever possible. Parking it in the sunlight elevates the chances of scratch to a great extent. Thus, always park your car in the shade.

Car windshield scratches might hurt the overall health of your car in a long run. However, keeping the above tips in your mind might make it possible for you to ensure that your car stays safe from these scratches and cracks and your car stays shielded.

However, if you have noticed any scratches on your car windshield, and if you are looking for a reliable windshield repair provider, you need not look further than Advantage Auto Glass repair specialists in Toronto. Do connect with our experts by using the contact number (416) 740-7779. Our experts will inspect the scratches and ensure that your car gets rid of them in a proficient and very cost-effective way.

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