When it comes to cars, safety is always the biggest concern. Not only from accidents but protection against debris and dust particles is also a big concern for the car owners. However, the car’s windshield always provides protection against these sorts of unfortunate accidents.

glasses used on windshield
With windshield, you must know every detail of it, from formulation to how does it protect you. It includes windshield glass used to prepare it too. After all, you must know the elements that are shielding you against disasters.

This is why our auto glass repair Toronto team gives you insights into the different glass types in this blog.

Various glass types used on the windshield

Checkout the various glass types used on the windshield below.

1) Tempered glass: Tempered glass is a widely used glass when it comes to preparing a windshield. As a part of the preparation process, the glass is heated up at a high temperature.

After heating, the glass is quickly cooled off. It results in the inner layer of the glass getting hardened. The outer layer of the glass contracts and expands. It results in the preparation of the tempered glass.

Tempered glass is a reliable way to shield your windshield. However, once it gets broken, you by no means can get it repaired. The only option to restore the shield of your windshield is to get the tempered glass replaced.

2) Laminated glass: Laminated glass is easily the best option when it comes to increasing the fuel efficiency of your car.

Laminated glass comes with high strength, high resistance to shattering and is even soundproof. Additionally, laminated glass also reduces the temperature as compared to other glasses, which increases the comfort level of the passengers.

Laminated glass doesn’t allow your glass to shatter which ensures full protection against any sort of unfortunate accident, a great thing about this glass.

The material used to prepare laminated glass is poly-vinyl butyral. Thin sheets of this material are prepared, and each layer of the sheet is made to pass through heat which strengthens them.

Laminated glass is undoubtedly the most reliable glass option for a windshield, and hence the most used one.

3) Solar glass: How big an issue climate change has been? Climate change even makes driving difficult, specifically in summers. Solar glass combats this issue efficiently.

Solar glass on your car’s windshield prevents harmful UV radiation to enter your car. Hence, your skin remains untouched by these radiations.

Solar glass lasts lifetime on your car. However, it’s crucial that you go with OEM quality glass to ensure that you don’t need to get it replaced.

Installing solar glass also reduces the need for cooling as the overall insulation in your car is improved.

No matter what glass type you prefer to go with, but it has to be OEM and of course, of high quality. You cannot blame the windshield if it gets shattered and if you are using a glass of low-quality. Our auto glass repair Toronto team strictly advises against using the low-quality windshield glasses for your safety.

All the windshield glasses explained above are meant to shield your windshield and each of them is useful if you select it rightly and believe only in quality.

If you desire to get more information about these glasses, or if your car windshield requires professional attention, you can count on our experienced windshield repair Toronto experts. Our experts understand the importance of windshields and your safety and hence provide efficient services in no time.

To connect with our team and get your car’s windshield repaired by the best, contact us at 416-740-7779.

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