Car windows tinting comes with numerous benefits alongside it. No, it’s not only about style. It’s about your safe driving and skin protection too. However, there are numerous things other than benefits that you must know about car tinting before you go for it. Several car owners aren’t aware of these things, and they always stay confused if they really require car window tinting.

If you are wondering if you really require window tinting, reading this blog will give you massive clarity as our experts give you an insight into the same. Keep reading!

What is car window tinting?

Firstly, let’s get the basics right. What does car window tinting mean? Car window tinting implies a special coating on your windows to prevent sunlight and harmful radiation from entering your car along with strengthening the structural integrity.

Car window tinting ensures enhanced safety for your car to a considerable extent, which is again a major benefit of the same.

Why do we recommend car window tinting?

Now, why do you require car window tinting at all? Checkout the answers to this question below.

1) Skin protection: The major benefit of car tinting is that it protects your skin from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. We all know that UV radiation can bring something very serious like cancer alongside it.

While getting the car window tinting done can reduce your exposure to these radiations considerably.

2) Subsides fading: As mentioned, car window tinting blocks the UV rays and hence reduces the fading. These rays often cause your upholstery to fade, and hence blocking them is extremely important. Car window tinting allows you to do so subtly.

3) Maintains your safety: Another major benefit of car window tinting is that it prevents your car’s glass from shattering. What it does is it keeps the car glass together, and hence prevents it from getting shattered.

Enhanced safety is one major reason why we highly recommend going with car window tinting.

4) Enhanced looks: Car window tinting gives your window elegant and amazing looks, which would increase the resale value of your car considerably.

What are different types of window tints?

So, what are the different types of window tints? Of course, if you are about to get the window tint for your car, you must know the types of the same. Check them out below.

1) Metallized: As the name suggests, metallized window tints incorporate metallic microparticles. Metallized window tinting uses the principle of reflection, which keeps the sunlight out.

Additionally, metallized window tinting is entirely scratch-resistant, which again gives you a concrete reason to go with it.

However, you must know that the metallic microparticles used in the metallic window tinting might interfere with the GPS signals, which can cause some inconveniences.

2) Infrared: This is one of the best and the most commonly used window tinting options. It does block UV rays and heat, and the best part is that it does so without compromising your vision at all.

The infrared tint comes with a longer lifespan as compared to other tinting types. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable and long-term option, infrared window tint is your definite answer.

3) Ceramic: Ceramic tinting is believed to be blocking 99% of the UV rays. It doesn’t incorporate any sort of metallic particles, which allows every functionality of your car to work efficiently.

The addition of a ceramic layer on your window prevents it from shattering, which implies enhanced safety for you. However, you need to know that ceramic tinting is a bit pricey.

4) Carbon film: Carbon film tinting comes with the maximum UV blocking capabilities as compared to other tinting types. However, like ceramic tinting, carbon film incorporates no metallic particles too. Hence, your phone calls and GPS functioning won’t be disturbed at all.

How do you choose the right window tint shade?

So, how do you select the right window tint shade? Well, with the window tint shade, a lot depends on your state laws. Hence, it’s necessary that you know your state laws correctly when it comes to selecting the window tint shade.

However, we list different shades below along with explaining the scenario where getting it installed will be ideal for you.

1) Light tint: Light tint subsides the excessive glare and provides enhanced visibility to you.

2) Medium tint: If privacy along with elegant style is your concern, you can go with medium tint.

3) Dark tint: If you don’t desire to leave any base untouched in terms of privacy, the dark tint has to be your choice.

Note: As mentioned, it’s necessary that you must know your state laws exactly before you select any tinting type for your car. It will keep you away from all sorts of legal troubles.

Window tinting comes with numerous benefits, and hence getting it installed is always beneficial. We hope that you are clear with everything about window tinting.

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